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It is important to know the dangers of leaving boilers and central heating unchecked. At Brown Heating, our plumbers and gas engineers often receive questions about how often boiler servicing is needed by customers in and around the Reigate area. Our answer is always the same; annually. Preventative maintenance is crucial in order to keep systems working safely, efficiently and cost-effectively, as well as to prevent boiler repairs.


Based in Banstead, we know first-hand the importance of boiler servicing and have been called upon all too often to carry out boiler repairs in Reigate and the surrounding areas, due to boilers and central heating systems that have not been properly maintained.


10 Reasons to Get Your Boiler and Central Heating Checked


1. PERFORMANCE - Annual boiler servicing helps to keep your current system operating to optimal performance, especially important in a busy household.


2. COST-EFFECTIVE – Period inspections by our plumbers and gas engineers can save customers in and around Reigate money on future boiler repairs.


3. SAFETY – A faulty boiler is a potentially fatal danger, as if not properly maintained it can break and release poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) that be fatal in high concentrations.


4. REDUCED BILLS – When your boiler and central heating is running efficiently it will save you money on energy bills, also reducing your carbon footprint.


5. VALID INSURANCE – An annual boiler service by qualified plumbers and gas engineers is often a requirement of many home insurance policies.


6. LEGAL OBLIGATIONS – If you are a landlord or run a business in Reigate, you are legally obliged to keep your gas appliances in a safe working order.


7. ISSUES DETECTED EARLY – By having plumbers and gas engineers inspect your central heating and boilers annually, problems may be detected early, saving costs on boiler repairs.


8. EXPERT ADVICE – At Brown Heating, we can provide expert advice about how to best maintain your boilers and central heating systems.


9. SELLING POINT – If your house in Reigate is up for sale, a well-maintained boiler and proof of annual inspections by a Gas Safe registered engineer is a good selling point.


10. STAYING AHEAD – By having regular boiler servicing, you can stay up-to-date with the latest technology developments and invest in new installations or helpful gadgets.


Gas Safe Registered Plumbers and Gas Engineers


At Brown Heating, our lead plumber and gas engineer Byron Brown has over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is Gas Safe registered and spent many years working as a British Gas engineer prior to setting up his independent business. Having taken training in various areas of plumbing, heating and gas work, he has the expertise to carry out everything from boiler servicing and boiler repairs to central heating installations and ball valve replacements.


Need to book an annual boiler service or require a quotation for a new boiler? Brown Heating will be happy to help.

Call Brown Heating today on 07930 154275, for central heating and boiler servicing in Reigate. We also undertake boiler repairs and installations.

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